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Tiffany Blue Dresser with Chalkboard Paint Drawers

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Hi Everyone!  I’m sharing this quick photo of a dresser I redid for Dot’s  closet.

I am not home this week, as I am moving my oldest son into college, therefore I do not have any more or better photos to share of the dresser.   Originally it was a shabby chic vintage white.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you that Dot and I have decided not to continue the blog at this time.   Although we have enjoyed it 💕and met some really nice people, we have met even more through Instagram so therefore we will just continue our posts through there.

The original inspiration for the blog came from Dot when she wanted to have a YouTube channel. I’m sure all of you mothers with daughters can understand how scary that thought might be.   I also wanted her to understand the commitment of something like that. She would obviously want to establish a base of followers and those followers would expect to hear from her regularly.   With the increase in homework as she gets closer to high school, and her joining a teen dance team as well as her school softball team, it has left her virtually no time for blog posts.

In my world… At the very time we started the blog… I accepted my new position with an  estate sale company and have now worked for them one year. I love what I do and I love who I work with!   My company is planning on branching out and they have asked me to head up the new division. They just gave me a nice salary increase and with this new opportunity I just can’t pass it up.   As a lot of you know, I also started a Facebook page with my very creative and dear friend. We are up-cycling things and selling them and I would love to devote some more time to that.   I also continue to be very active in all three of my children’s activities and volunteer whenever I can.   I do not know if I would pick up the blog again but, like I said, I just couldn’t see paying any money to have it hosted when Instagram has been so much easier for us.

We thank our followers for your continued support and remember to keep in touch through Instagram 💕



New Life for Old Dresser


Happy Monday all! It’s been a long hot Summer…o,k, not really…but it has been a long while since I have done a proper blog post so I decided in between the fun kids stuff and boring cleaning stuff today I needed to make that happen!

I thought I’d share a dresser redo I did this past Fall. This dresser was originally purchased, by me, at an antique store when I was decorating Dot’s nursery. After two boys I was really excited to decorate for a little girl!  The theme was inspired by Rachel Ashwell when her t.v. show “Shabby Chic” was still on the air. I would love to watch and get ideas on how to mix the vintage finds with some of the new reproductions I was finding. This dresser checked all of the boxes! It was the right height to add a changing pad to the top, had plenty of storage for all of the darling clothing she’d already acquired and was white with crystal knobs….DONE and ready to go as I was not looking for another project in the middle of raising a Kindergartner, a toddler, carrying an 11 LB. baby ( yes, that was her birth weight ) and moving not once but TWICE!

Fast forward twelve years and I now have a tween girl whose clothes are not only bigger but have multiplied as well! The shallow drawers just won’t  do any more. Earlier this year I posted the curbside dresser redo in “Adventures in Junkin”.  since I now had too many dressers, I didn’t know what to do with this adorable shabby chic white one. That’s when I got the idea to turn it into my new improved bedside table!



I have had a skirted little table next to my bed for twelve years and, although it served it’s purpose, the top was full of my books, reading glasses, mouth guard, hand lotion and all of the other things that I am now able to still have bedside however kept neatly stored in drawers.


I did splurge on new hardware from Anthropologie!

I stripped it down using a paint stripper as I knew I wanted to use a metallic finish paint and wasn’t sure how that would come out with layers of paint under it. I then sanded it and used Martha Stewart’s metallic bronze paint. Honestly, at first I was worried it was too dark, but, after putting it in the room with the large poster bed and armiore, I thought it was a nice match. I used a mosaic glass tile for the top from Home Depot. IMG_6316


I like to keep the master bedroom as gender neutral as possible. My husband has very little opinion ( or let’s be honest… say) in the matter so I feel like that’s my way of keeping the Peace.

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A Day of Antiquing




Spent a wonderful afternoon in Old Town Orange 💕So Cal. Love everything about this town!  There are so many towns that preserve one street or just a few buildings in a city block, but this town has miles of historic preservation.  Since I am traveling, and posting this on my mobile site, I can only post one picture. When I get the opportunity, I will post more from the actual town.  I know there are other people out there who look at historic architecture and see “eye candy” like I do! Anyway, just thought I would quickly post this lovely shot from one of my favorite antique stores I love to peruse  through. It is called Country Road Antiques and not only do they have about 4o different booths/sellers  but they also have an enchanting little garden area that I swear I could just spend hours photographing or daydreaming in.  I especially love walking through the stores with my daughter. She was never able to meet either one of my grandmothers and I am able to show her things that I remember from their homes, however we did not hold onto in our family. Fond childhood memories! It’s also nice to enjoy just windowshopping or admiring things without actually having to buy things. I love that she had as much fun as I did!

Hope you are all having a great Monday 💕

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Heirloom Tomatoes & Basil over Pasta

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Here’s a yummy, quick & easy idea for dinner tonight! Why not stop by the farmer’s market and get some heirloom tomatoes? Slice them up….drizzle with garlic infused olive oil (I crush my garlic into the oil early in the morning and let it sit all day) then add a little salt and pepper and about 1/4 cup of bread crumbs and bake in 350 degree oven for about 30 min.

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Don’t forget the fresh Basil!

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I cooked some angle hair pasta and just tossed it in olive oil and added about a cup of Parmesan cheese. It’s light & delicious and a perfect way to enjoy pasta in the Summer! Enjoy!

Follow Us on Instagram

Hey everyone! We haven’t been posting a lot as we have been enjoying our summer and dealing with some family health issues. Everyone seems to be on the mend and it’s time for Dot and I to get back to business!

 We have also been building our Instagram account and followers. Sadly, it is SO much easier than blogging but we are not giving up on this site yet! 😊

I have met some great new IG friends and have had a lot of  fun participating in some of the #challenges. It’s not really about entering yourself into a contest as much as it is sharing the common interests I have and love for decorating, thrifting, entertaining and DIY!  Try it out for yourselves! It’s really a lot of fun and gets your creative juices flowing! And…while you’re on there… why not follow us? 😉
Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and, if I don’t get on here again before this weekend, Have a fun and safe Independence Day🇺🇸


Fresh Fruit Smoothies



Hey everyone! This is Dot! Today I made this super simple smoothie bowl. I added ice, strawberries, bananas, and smoothie juice. I blended it up and put it into a bowl. I topped it off with some fresh fruit and there you go, a smoothie bowl!

Happy Summer!


It’s been a BIG week 🎓

Hi everyone! It’s been such an exciting week! My oldest son graduated from high school and my younger son graduated from middle school. I gotta tell you…. Both ceremonies were really fun! I can’t actually say I was looking forward to either one. I was feeling very overwhelmed with too much going on and then I actually ended up getting sick! Anyway… I was not sad… Not at all! I was moved to tears a couple times but never felt like I was actually crying. I had so much pride! Just in how they have behaved and what they have accomplished! I also had so much joy… I was sarrounded by my family…my closest friends were either there with me or texting well wishes. I felt truly blessed and optimistic about the future. It was amazing!

We did not have a big party. I hosted a luncheon for my family that attended the ceremony and, with his announcements that I sent out, I attached a “save the date” sticker. We are hosting a “college kick-off tailgate party” for him the week before he leaves for college. This enables most of my friends to be able to attend. We had to decline nine party invitations on graduation day. That is always so frustrating! Also, everyone is so financially strapped right now! My friends, Who also have graduates, have actually thanked me for having my party 10 weeks from now when they have more time and money. I can’t necessarily take the credit for this party idea….of course I saw it on Pinterest! Instantly, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

I’m planning to keep it very casual. The party them is Tailgate and my parents generously contributed by ordering a food truck to come. We’re going to have a popcorn bar and a nachos bar and the decor is going to be “vintage education” I’ll post pictures, of course! Edit

I hope you are enjoying the end of Spring…beginning of Summer…end of school….graduations…whatever this finds you doing!

Feeling overwhelmed


Hi everyone! Anyone who has kids in school knows that May is the craziest month! Not just for school but for other activities too…Dance competitions, recitals, baseball and other spring sports, music recitals and showcases,awards assemblies and the list goes on! 

This year I have my two sons graduating. One is graduating from high school and the other is making his promotion from eighth grade to high school. I am feeling overwhelmed to say the least!

This year has been so amazing! My oldest son got into his dream school but not without a lot of hard work and time dedicated to that. Helping him with applications for admittance as well as for scholarships was like a part-time job. Then, I actually took on a part-time job working for the estate sale company. I also started this blog, which doesn’t take a ton of time, but is new to me and has brought on several new challenges. Oh wait… but that wasn’t enough… so then I started a Facebook page/side business with a friend. All of these things have been wonderful! In fact, I started them knowing that I would be missing my son next year (and with my two youngest both being teens) I needed something for myself. I look forward to growing the blog, as well has my Facebook business, and continuing my work with the estate sale company. 

For now, I need to face what is ahead and give it 100% of my attention. I have recently gotten out all of my sons awards, playbills, ticket stubs and photographs from all of his amazing events and accolades that made up his wonderful high school experience! Just looking at it makes me feel completely overwhelmed, not only with the project itself, but with the emotions of both pride and gratitude and a little bit of fear of letting him go onto the next chapter in his life. Funny how much we do to prepare to bring a baby home from the hospital however I feel completely unprepared to let him leave the nest. (Sigh)

I know I don’t have a lot of subscribers or followers but if any of you have any recommendations or words of wisdom based on experience I welcome them. 

I hope this finds all of you enjoying your kids and this very busy time of year! 

Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to share my thoughts!


D.I.Y Mother’s Day spoons



Hi everyone! It’s Dot! I decided to decorate some wooden spoons for Mother’s Day. I took three wooden spoons and painted them. Then I topped them off with twine. They are super cute and a great gift idea! Mom loved them!